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Come Out, Come Out,
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It’s bad enough when you find that you have bugs in your home and have to find an effective home pest control and have exterminators come in. It is especially troubling when you need bed bug treatment or other pest control services. Regular home inspections can help you avoid these problems.

When you learn that you have bug problems on your boat or RV, it seems twice as bad. Of course, the truth is that bugs are all over the place and they only become problematic when they decide to try to share our homes. Pest control can be a problem because bugs like to have a nice cozy place to live, too; this is why it is important to have regular home inspections on a regular basis.

In addition to pest control in buildings, we provide pest defense and pest treatments for transient and local boats and watercraft. We also provide a pest control solution for your RV or camper and make sure that your future is pest free. We provide tenting of buildings, boats, RVs and campers.

Types of Bugs on Boats and RVs

Boats and RVs can get the same types of bugs that your home can. Pest control companies will tell you that the presence of bugs in your vehicle is not the result of poor housekeeping. Wherever they can find food and a comfortable location to hide, bugs will set up house. Universal Pest Control is a pest control company that has ways to make them feel unwelcome.

The kinds of bugs that are generally found to be a problem on boats and RVs are ants, drywood termites, powder post beetles, cockroaches and palmetto bugs, in addition to ants, regular roaches and fleas. We offer all types of bug treatments such as roach control, flea control and ant treatments.

Pests on Boats

The best marine pest control is to make your boat a place where bugs won’t want to live. You can do this by carrying out pre-emptive strikes and bug proofing your boat before the pests can settle in. There are treatments for boat pest control that you can do yourself to keep pests away. However, not all treatments will work for every pest. It is also important to note that treatments for use in a home are not always safe to use on a boat. It is best to have pest control for boats done by a pest control services company like Universal Pest Control in Palm Coast.

A pest that is particular to boats is the palmetto bug. These critters are partial to moist, dark and warm areas. They don’t usually come into houses and prefer to stay outdoors in warm, moist, sheltered areas. You may find them in your stored boat or hiding in sail protectors or other types of tarps on your boat. Universal Pest control offers pest control for vessels of all types and even pest control for yachts that are very effective in getting rid of and keeping away these pests.

If you see evidence of a termite infestation on your boat, seek termite inspections right away. Evidence of an infestation includes tiny pinholes in the face of wood. Even if you don’t see signs of termites, it is always a good idea to have WDO inspections done on a regular basis so that termite treatment can be provided before damage is done. Termites will munch on anything made of wood that is not protected by paint or varnish. Marine termite treatment is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the wood. Call us here in Palm Coast at the first sign of an infestation. We can provide anything from spot treatments to tent fumigation.

Our first-rate Palm Coast pest control services include:

Pests on Your RV

Bugs in your RV are gross, no question about it. No one wants to share their living space with unwanted interlopers. Finding a few wandering bugs is often not a reason to panic, but pest control for RVs is a good idea. A colony of ants can often be destroyed using simple methods such as placing boric acid on their trails. Other pests, such as Palmetto bugs and termites are not so easily beaten.

You may find Palmetto bugs in your RV cover, patio shades, water tank holding areas, and anywhere that is moist, warm and dark.

Finding evidence of termites or powder post beetles is never a pleasant event, but we offer dry wood termite treatments that provide excellent termite control. If you are finding tiny holes in your paneling or kitchen cupboards, it’s time to call Universal Pest Control. They have many options, including fumigation to help you rid your traveling home of unwanted hitchhikers.

Universal Pest Control in Palm Coast is your neighborhood source for residential pest control, commercial pest control, RV pest control and boat pest control. Call us today and we will provide home inspections that you can count on. We also offer pest control for businesses at reasonable rates.

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